[Esd-l] error on procmail

Sergio Cesar sergio at winc.net
Fri Dec 20 00:51:02 PST 2002

I get this in the procmail log

/bin/sh: /var/log/procmail.log: Permission denied
procmail: Error while writing to " perl -p -e ' #\

the log file is writable by every one.
Only get this when there is an attachement.

I also get this in the file every time it runs

type: type: No such file or directory
type: type: No such file or directory

if I uncomment the 2 suggested lines below

#If you get Program failure (141) of "perl -p -e '... whenever the sanitizer
tries to scan a document for macros, you need to make sure that mktemp and
mimencode are properly installed. Add this to your /etc/procmailrc file for

LOG=`type mktemp`
LOG=`type mimencode`

The above code are installed in the system.



Any idea is appreciated.

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