[Esd-l] HELP on a mail gateway =(

Scott Taylor scott at dctchambers.com
Fri Aug 9 09:15:01 PDT 2002

At 04:30 PM 08/08/2002, you wrote:
>Thanks a lot for your answer...
>I really appreciate it.

No problem.  You need to change the To: address when you reply, this mail 
list doesn't work like all the others.  Don't worry, I forget all the time too.

> >So who do I send mail to?  someone at domain.com or
> >someone at imail.domain.com?
>The mail will be sent to user at domain.com

Then you will need to set up a relay system, but it would get relayed 
before it hit the procmail filters.  Can't IMail server run procmail?  I 
know you can run Perl on Windoze things.

> >If you have the sendmail box set up already, why not just use it and
> >drop the imail box?
>Is for a customer, i tried to change his opinion but he prefers Imail
>(maybe is sadomasochist)

I'd say.  To bad for him that you can't change his mind.

>instead of this:
># pipe through procmail for processing
>R$*<@domain.com>$*     $#procmail $@/etc/procmail/filter.rc
># pipe through procmail for processing
>R$*<@domain.com>$*     $#procmail $@/etc/procmail/filter.rc

Have you tried it?

>i tried to explain the problem in the mailing list, here it is a copy of
>the msg

Yeah, I caught that the first time.

Can you send mail from the sendmail server to the imail server?  Maybe you 
could write a bounce at the end of procmail to forward the message from 
sendmail.domain.com to imail.domain.com.

Is imail.domain.com an Internet FQDN or only on a LAN?

You are not really using "domain.com" right?

If it wasn't a Windows box I'm sure you would find a lot more help, like 
fetchmail or something.  Maybe there is a fetchmail type thingy for Windoze 
or IMail?

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