[Esd-l] Feature Request - Defanged -> ?

Darryl Ross dross at syc.net.au
Mon Apr 22 19:53:01 PDT 2002

Hey All,

Just got a quick feature request. Is it possible to change the
sanitiser so that we are able to change the 'DEFANGED' part of a
mangled filename? Educating my users as to what 'DEFANGED' means has
proven to be extremely difficult, so I have changed it so that it
renames it to 'RENAMED'. A little bit more intuitive for my lusers.

However, if I upgrade the sanitiser, I will lose that and will have to
go through and change it again. Would it be possible to set it using a
variable name, eg:


and the default could be


Just a thought.


Darryl Ross
IC&T Manager
Service to Youth Council Inc
dross at syc.net.au

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