[Esd-l] Need to bypass Sanitizer

Chris csmith at squiz.net
Sun Apr 21 17:04:01 PDT 2002

> > Is there a real point or purpose to "double extension" filenames?
> > If not, getting the person who uses them to use single filenames
> > might be my best option. If there is a legitimate reason for
> > "double extension"s, I might want to make a separate poisoned list
> > that doesn't include them for this situation.
>Good question. Most of the really bad extensions are completely
>They're important if you're not poisoning *.exe, for example.

Just a note. People put dates in filenames (eg 17.04.02.doc) ..... this 
caught me out. Trying to train users is impossible so I only poison 
specific double extensions I know are bad (*.*.exe etc).

      Chris Smith

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