[Esd-l] Running Sanitizer 1.133 on AIX w/Procmail 3.22 and Perl 5.6.1

Michael H. Martel martelm at quark.vsc.edu
Tue Apr 16 03:05:01 PDT 2002


We've been running Sanitizer versin 1.128 for a long time now, and I 
decided to upgrade to 1.133 .  Along the way I made a few other upgrades, 
so this is a little tough to troubleshoot, but here goes.

We were running AIX, Perl 5.005 (From AIX), Procmail 3.15 and 
1.128 of the Sanitizer fine.

I upgraded to Perl 5.6.1 for SpamAssassin 2.11 (not being used right now). 
Everything seemed to be working fine.

I upgraded to Procmail 3.22 and again, everything seemed to be working fine.

This morning, I put the new 1.133 sanitizer in place, and I'm seeing 
entries like this in my procmail.log files.

procmail: Failed to execute " perl -p -e '      #\


NOTIFY martelm
Sanitizing MIME attachment headers in "Test #4" from "Michael H. Martel" 
<martelm at quark.vsc.edu> to martelm   msgid=<107175.1018936104@[]>
Checking "SARAH.exe" for poisoning.
 Trapped poisoned executable "SARAH.exe".
 Mangling executable filename "SARAH.exe".
 Mangling executable filename "SARAH.exe".
procmail: Out of memory
buffer 0: " grep "^X-Content-Security: \[${HOST}\] REPORT: " | sed -e 
's/^.* REPORT:/REPORT:/g'"
buffer 1: " grep "^X-Content-Security: \[${HOST}\] REPORT: " | sed -e 
's/^.* REPORT:/REPORT:/g'"
>From martelm at quark.vsc.edu  Tue Apr 16 05:49:24 2002
  Folder: **Bounced**

I've included a snippet of the log below.  Any thoughts ?  I think I'll 
have to step back an upgrade or two and try and figure out exactly where 
it's dying.

Many thanks!

reference.xml  /hu/reference/zip reference.xml  " from "Simone Cortesi" 
<simone at cortesi.com> to martelm msgid=<cvscortesi1018919500 at cvsserver>
procmail: Failed to execute " perl -p -e '      #\
      $pastmsghdr = 1 if /^\s*$/;       #\
      if ($pastmsghdr) {        #\
        if (!$mimeboundary && $mimeboundaries[0]) {      #\
          warn " Found no MIME boundary.\n" if $ENV{"DEBUG"};   #\
          $mimeboundary = pop @mimeboundaries;  #\
          $newboundary = pop @newboundaries;  #\
          $rawboundary = pop @rawboundaries;  #\
          $boundarytoolong = pop @boundariestoolong;    #\
          $gotboundary = pop @gotboundaries;    #\
          $nullboundary = pop @nullboundaries;    #\
        }       #\
      } else {  #\



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