[Esd-l] Redirect to Nimda doesn't work?

Brian Hanna bdhanna at visi.com
Mon Sep 24 06:56:01 PDT 2001

It appears that redirects sent back to Nimda wouldn't work. However,
perhaps mod_rewrite could help.

Early bird is software that gets the worm requests, looks up the
complaint email address, and fires off a "Your machine is infected"
email to the (hopefully correct) admin. For more info, see:


 From the early bird mailing list:

"Jay D. Dyson" <jdyson at treachery.net> wrote:

>	The changes I had made for EB v2.4 included addition of Redirects
>to the Apache httpd.conf.  This approach, in my haste, seemed viable for
>combatting Nimda.  However, Nimda does not follow 302 redirects (which I
>honestly should have *known*).
>	Thus, I'm pursuing use of Apache mod_rewrite; a functionality that
>I have (until now) only looked at with casual curiosity.  Unless I'm
>sorely in error, mod_rewrite should be able to do what EB needs without
>issuing a 302 redirect that the worm can ignore.

Brian H.        
bdhanna at visi.com 

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