Bill Larson blarson at compu.net
Sun Sep 9 18:07:01 PDT 2001

That's where pico -w comes in handy :) also pico +linenumber works and in
newer pico's you can hit ctrl-w ctrl-t and type in a line number to go to.
Pico is my perl programming editor of choice :)

Possible Starting Arguments for Pico editor:

        Argument                Meaning
         -e             Complete - allow file name completion
         -k             Cut - let ^K cut from cursor position to end of line
         -a             ShowDot - show dot files in file browser
         -j             Goto - allow 'Goto' command in file browser
         -g             Show - show cursor in file browser
         -m             Mouse - turn on mouse support
         -x             NoKeyhelp - suppress keyhelp
         -q             TermdefWins - termcap or terminfo takes precedence
over defaults
         -d             Rebind - let delete key delete current character
         -f             Keys - force use of function keys
         -b             Replace - allow search and replace
         -h             Help - give this list of options
         -r[#cols]      Fill - set fill column to #cols columns, default=72
         -n[#s]         Mail - notify about new mail every #s seconds,
         -s <speller>   Speller - specify alternative speller
         -t             Shutdown - enable special shutdown mode
         -o <dir>       Operation - specify the operating directory
         -z             Suspend - allow use of ^Z suspension
         -w             NoWrap - turn off word wrap
         +[line#]       Line - start on line# line, default=1
         -v             View - view file

         All arguments may be followed by a file name to display.

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> On Sun, 9 Sep 2001, Paul Thomas wrote:
> > However editing variables in html-trap.procmail with the text
> > editor pico seems to break html-trap.procmail.
> Oh, absolutely. There are long lines in the sanitizer, and pico
> helpfully wraps lines for you. It's intended for use in composing
> email, not programming.
> > What is the best way to edit these scripts?
> Use vi or emacs. If you *must* use pico, then try it in an xterm
> window that's as wide as possible - pico might not wrap the lines
> then, but don't count on it.
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