[Esd-l] New file to poison

Bill Larson blarson at compu.net
Tue Sep 4 15:33:01 PDT 2001

You might wish to add Readme.exe to your poisoned files list. It is best to be
proactive rather than reactive.


Sept. 4 - Antivirus experts have warned about a new e-mail worm that uses
Microsoft Outlook to spread. "Troj_Apost.A" is a worm rather than a Trojan
horse, as its name suggests. The malicious e-mail arrives with the subject
line "As per your request!" with the message, "Please find attached file for
your review. I look forward to hear from you again very soon. Thank you

WHEN THE attached file entitled "Readme.exe" is executed, it will try to copy
itself to the floppy drive. It will then self-propagate by e-mailing itself to
all addresses listed in the infected user's address book.

Bill Larson
Network Administrator
Compu-Net Enterprises
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