[Esd-l] Can't get Procmail-security to work...

Paul McHale pmchale at doubleesolutions.com
Wed Oct 24 01:30:01 PDT 2001

> > I have created the directory /etc/procmail and placed the
> html-trap.procmail
> > ruleset there, and I have copied our work poisoned file into
> /etc/procmail.
> > Have I missed anything?

Have you integrated procmail as your local delivery agent?  This usually
requires some modification to the configuration scripts.  Sendmail is pretty
well documented.  An easy way to find out is create a .procmailrc in a home
directory and see if it executes.  A procmailrc file I use for forwarding

* ^From.*
* ^Subject:.*
   ! pmchale at desinc.com

This forwards all mail to the root account to my account.  This can be
implemented temporarily to test procmail is even running.  Don't forget to
set read permissions and name the file .procmailrc in the user home

There is probably an easier way, this is just a way that I know.

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