[Esd-l] mail gateway with postfix

Simon Matthews simon at paxonet.com
Fri Oct 19 10:27:01 PDT 2001

For incoming mail it is simple. Add the following line in your 'main.cf'' file:
mailbox_command = /usr/bin/procmail
You may have to adjust the pathname for the correct location of procmail.

Then, set up procmail as described in the docs (usually in a folder 

Outgoing mail -- I'm still waiting for someone to answer that. However, it 
may be possible to create a new transport (in master.cf) and pass the email 
through procmail as part of the new transport.


At 08:16 AM 10/19/01 -0400, Benoit des Ligneris wrote:
>I just installed the email sanitizer, in my own account (for testing purpose)
>and now I'd like to implement a mail gateway with it. So it's now system wide
>on a test machine.
>I find some information on how to do it with sendmail (on the website) but no
>information on how to do it with postfix.
>Does anyone have information relative to this subject ?
>For inbound and outbond mail ?
>Thanks by advance,
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