[Esd-l] badtrans ad infinitum

Gerard MANNIG mannig at worldnet.fr
Fri Nov 30 09:02:00 PST 2001

A 21:43 29/11/01 -0800, John D. Hardin icrit:
>> Instead of joking, discard M$ crap and swap to competing software.
>I'm only slightly joking. 

i know

>Causing BillG some personal discomfort over
>this is probably the only way it'll ever get fixed. Unfortunately the
>email address <billg at microsoft.com> probably goes through at least a
>dozen flunky-filters before getting to the boss.

I think that this email is rather a 100% fake one

>> Just would like to point out that this virus strikes ONLY the hard
>> disks M$ crap has been isntalled on. Period.
>Sorry, Gerard, but impsec.org doesn't use M$ crap anywhere 

My statement covered the whole aspect of virus desease. impsec.org was not
involved in this.

>webserver or my systems at home), and yet I'm still getting hit by up
>to ten of these PER HOUR. 

I easily understand...

>The fact that I'm not infected doesn't mean
>I'm not suffering.

You misunderstood me. Maybe my words were too harsh and/or not enough
self-explanatory but, again, I should have said the same sentance with
anyone else. I received yesterday an ask for help from a netizen running
TheBat!. I calmly explained her that she has been victim of ONLY receiving
a sample of the virus and, according to what she mentionned herself, no
replication of the virus was found by her AV package as the virus hadn't
been able to replicate on her machine thanks to a relevant software policy.

Gerard Mannig
A computer security officer always ends up being considered as useless 
when things are working, and incompetent when they go wrong
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