[Esd-l] ANN: testers wanted for double-extension improvement

John D. Hardin jhardin at impsec.org
Wed Nov 21 13:39:01 PST 2001


I have added an enhancement to the development release that will
hopefully allow a more elegant solution to the problem of poisoning
double-extension documents incorrectly.

The new changes in 1.131pre5 support Perl's extended regular
expression construct (?...)

If you install 1.131pre5 and modify your double-extension entries in
your poisoned files list from this:


to this:


then double-extension word documents and excel spreadsheets (e.g.
something like "sales.jan.xls") should *not* be poisoned, but all
other double-extension files matching $MANGLE_EXTENSIONS should still
be poisoned.

Note that the (?...) construct may be useful for more than this
example. See the perl man page for details.

I'm testing this on my mail. Anybody else feel adventurous?

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