[Esd-l] File with accentuated characters

Benoit des Ligneris benoit.des.ligneris at physique.usherb.ca
Tue Nov 6 15:54:01 PST 2001


It looks like files with accentuated characters in their names are not filtered
at all by the sanitizer.

For instance try to attach a file named 
"babai.dll" it will pass un-defanged whereas the file "baba.dll" will be
defanged ! (the first name is baba+'e with accent' + '.dll'

Can anyone confirm this behavior/bug ?


 Quand le dernier arbre sera abattu 
 la dernihre rivihre assichie 
 le dernier poisson pjchi 
 L'homme se rendra compte que 
 l'argent n'est pas comestible.

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