[Esa-l]Here's a new one....

Gerard MANNIG mannig at worldnet.fr
Tue May 15 11:43:17 PDT 2001

A 09:25 14/05/01 -0700, Simon Matthews icrit:
>>Even an individual email client may be set up up to block/kill any incoming
>>email which corps contains a file with 2 "." (dots) in its name. Such files
>>are at 99.9999% virus. Tobe simplier, all attachement that end by ".vbs"
>>ARE viruses.
>Only in the PC world -- Unix users frequently name files with 2 "." in the
>name -- for example filename.tar.gz

Quite right !

Such filtering must be fine-tuned by also checking the very last
extension,a s I suggested when writting my stuff concerning the ".vbs"
file. To be quite honest, how useful are VBS files ? In other words, how
will we deal with computing things BEFORE they surface ? I personnally
never used them, nor I used M$ stuff. Swapping to regular, sane competing
products brings data securiy at no extra cost.

Un responsable Securite informatique finit toujours par etre considere
- soit inutile puisque ca marche,
- soit incompetent quand ca ne marche pas.

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