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Howard Lowndes lannet at lannet.com.au
Tue Mar 20 13:19:55 PST 2001

Pine.  Works for Windows as well as Linux.

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On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, Brett Glass wrote:

> John:
> This is one of the reasons I asked for Web bug defanging. Of
> course, the first thing I tell Eudora users to do is to uncheck
> the box marked "Use Microsoft's Viewer," since this lets IE
> render your e-mail and opens you up to all KINDS of nasty
> exploits.
> Eudora used to be the best and most secure e-mail program
> available for Windows. Then Qualcomm fell in with Microsoft 
> (a bad mistake for ANY company; as 3Com found out, no 
> "partner" of theirs ever emerges unscathed), began to nag
> even registered users of their products for personal
> information, and turned their programs into nagware and
> spyware. Very uncool. I haven't upgraded to 5.x and am 
> getting ready to dump Eudora for a less offensive e-mail 
> client. I was going to go to Opera, but then they 
> announced a partnership with... Qualcomm. This probably
> means the Opera e-mail client won't be maintained or
> further developed. Can anyone recommend a good e-mail
> client for our Windows boxes?
> --Brett
> At 07:41 AM 3/20/2001, John D. Hardin wrote:
> >A reason for the paranoid among us to disable webbugs...
> >
> >Fortunately SCRIPT tags are always defanged.
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