[Esa-l] file extension should be poisoned..

Mark_Saunders Mark_Saunders at piucorp.com
Tue Mar 13 09:59:42 PST 2001

Yeah, you're right.
The way I see it, everything but *.txt should be trashed.
Too bad my opinion's in the minority :(

Brett Glass wrote:

> As best I can tell, it was recommended for mangling, not
> poisoning. See
> http://www.impsec.org/email-tools/sanitizer-configuration.html
> where it appears in the recommended mangling regex but not
> the recommended "poisoned" file.
> I'm poisoning it.
> --Brett
> At 10:29 AM 3/13/2001, Mark_Saunders wrote:
> >Absolutely.
> >I didn't mention it, because it was already there.
> >As of 3/2000, *.eml was recommended for the poisoned list as per the
> >changelog at:
> >http://www.impsec.org/email-tools/sanitizer-changelog.html

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