[Esa-l] Security Waring Report

Andre Kajita - Administrador da Rede admin at camarasjc.sp.gov.br
Thu Mar 1 02:39:37 PST 2001


I just checked out the code for the sanitizer and noticed something
that was there before that isn't there anymore.

I read all the SECURITY WARNING emails looking for variants of new
strains of worms, trojans and such but as of the latest release
(1.128) the email warning I receive doesn't contain the filename
trapped anymore.  I really appreciate this feature since I reduce the
amount of stuff I have to sift through on my logs and not having it
anymore is a bit of a worry.

I was wondering why this happend, like I said, I checked - 'vi ;
/Trapped poisoned executable/' actually - and it resulted in a line to
send the trapped filename to the log and one that added a header to
the email before sending it off to quarantine and not the security
warning email.

Andre Kajita - Administrador da Rede <admin at camarasjc.sp.gov.br>
Camara Municipal de Sao Jose dos Campos - SP

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