[Esa-l]Help with hybris getting thru filters

Phil Pennock pdp at nl.demon.net
Thu Jun 7 07:32:57 PDT 2001

On 2001-06-06 at 18:54 -0700, John D. Hardin wrote:
> This is the case.
> <hotbutton>
> It would be *really* nice if it was possible to configure sendmail to
> bounce Message-ID-less messages coming from outside your local
> network, or to be able to specify that it add Message-IDs that DO NOT 
> make the messages look locally originated.
> </hotbutton>

Bouncing would be bad, and a violation of RFC (by looking inside the
message where the MTA has no business looking).  On the other hand,
blindly fixing up all incoming messages by adding Message-Ids is also a
violation.  RFC 2821 (SMTP), section 6.3 is what defines the situations
in which an MTA _may_ add Message-Ids.  Otherwise, they shouldn't.

Discuss it with the developers, as a way to move to compliance with the
new SMTP standard?
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