[Esa-l]Sanitizer and AIX

Wendell Dingus wendell at BISonline.com
Wed Jul 25 19:04:42 PDT 2001

Any ideas why 90+% of the sanitizer script runs just fine on an AIX machine
for me except for the mime-encoded 'defanging'? Here's what I get in the

Sanitizing MIME attachment headers in "FW: test" from "Wendell Dingus"
<wendell at BISonline.
com> to <root at BISonline.com>
procmail: Failed to execute ""
procmail: Program failure (69) of " ulimit -d 15000;
/usr/local/bin/perl -p -e '        #\
      print "pastmsghdr= $pastmsghrd\n";        #\
      $pastmsghdr = 1 if /^\s*$/;       #\
      if ($pastmsghdr) {        #\
.... rest of the script ...

What is the (69) pointing at? Why is it trying to execute ""?

I added the ulimit in case it was memory which it doesn't really appear to
be. I added the full path to perl to be sure it wasn't running a different
one or something.

Emails with active HTML content get 'defanged' just fine...

Defanging active HTML content in "Channel Compliance Offer Expires July 31,
2001" from mic
rosoftoem.systembuilder at csgopenline.com to wendell
msgid=<EBLAST-52PD854FVRGS0000d1e5 at ebla

PERL is version
Procmail is version 3.11pre7 (any newer pre-compiled for AIX???)

Other than this sendmail hands off to procmail just fine and on to the users
mail spool file perfectly. This is the only portion of the scripts filtering
I've found so far that fails.

Thanks in advance!
PS. I'm not on the mailing-list so a CC: to me would also be appreciated.

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