[Esa-l]Sendmail Distribution Lists

Leonard L. Goldenstein len at ghy.com
Thu Jul 26 06:40:59 PDT 2001

Hi all,
With this whole sircam worm spread, we experienced one oddity that put a
little egg on our face.
As several companies do, we keep some distribution lists configured in
sendmail.  These distro lists contain both internal e-mail addresses and
also addresses for external people.  One external person unfortunately sent
the sircam to a distro list on our system.  Sendmail expanded the list and
attempted to deliver the sircam to all recipients in the list.  The local
recipients were protected by John's excellent procmail script but the sircam
was forwarded on to the external e-mail addresses listed in the distribution

Now is there any way to do the procmail check before a distribution list is
expanded?  Might save some people a little embarrassment in the future :)

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