[Esa-l]Squirm + Squid (+ Adzap)

Andre Kajita - Administrador da Rede admin at camarasjc.sp.gov.br
Wed Jul 25 04:58:40 PDT 2001


Since I started the thread I've been quiet trying to piece things
together to see what could be done.

I use adzap (http://www.zip.com.au/~cs/adzap/) on top of squid for ad
filtering - great stuff, it's really fast and it works like a charm. 
So I decided to chain squirm (http://squirm.foote.com.au/) after it -
it's not as fast but it's got a great dynamic regex system and it
redirects the files into whatever I want - and use it's regexi rule to
filter for the patterns that have been mentioned here on the list,
here's an example of the COM and EXE rules I've included:


Notice that I only blocked double extension EXE, there's some stuff
out there that might be blocked unintentionally - not to mention those
damn EXE CGIs.

I'm trying the rules out during the day - I'm sure my users will tell
me if something's wrong - if nothing serious comes up I'll post the
rules here.

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