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Leonard L. Goldenstein len at ghy.com
Tue Jul 24 12:13:28 PDT 2001

Here is a list of sites I have blocked out with squid - They seem to be the
common sites users go to for free webmail (read: pain in the butt for
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> On Tue, 24 Jul 2001, Brent Wallis wrote:
> > In mosts cases, a simple ACL on a Squid proxy server will do this
> > for you. Where my clients have allowed it and where we have the
> > sanitizer in place, we have blocked access to hotmail.com and
> > yahoo.com for all users via squid ACL's...works a treat.
> I've just done the same for hotmail, though I'm reluctant to blackhole
> all of yahoo or MSN. Can anybody who actually uses these services give
> us some idea of a less global ACL that would block just their webmail
> services?
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