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As long as you are using the default approach to trap double
extension files, you should have SirCam covered. I'm trapping
things that don't comply with our acceptable use policy and
anything that (as far as I know) gets used as an executable
filetype for viruses. I would definitly look at adding things
like .pif, .com, .vbs, etc. to the file, since I don't see any
reason that they should ever be in an e-mail except to transport
a virus... I don't remeber what's in John's sample trapped file,
but it should definitely have more than just *.exe.
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> At risk of sounding lame. . . 
> Clarification please
> I understand that Sircam attachments end in .bat .pif .lnk or .com
> I currently poison all *.exe attachments.
> Do I need to add any other *.<extension> lines to my poisoned file to
> automatically quarantine a possible Sircam loaded email?
> Thanks
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