[Esa-l]Boy, this Sircam worm is BIG.

Brett Glass brett at lariat.org
Mon Jul 23 19:19:40 PDT 2001

We're getting dozens of copies of Sircam per hour, at an average of 220K 
bytes per pop. This has to be the biggest worm I've ever encountered. 
It's also among the most annoying in that it responds to EACH new message 
the victim receives. So, he or she might send dozens of copies to the 
same person or mailing list. I have a semi-automatic notifier set up to 
warn infected parties.

With Sircam, Code Red, and Hybris circulting, we're experiencing the 
largest onslaught of malware we've had yet. Our logs and quarantine files 
are filling up with indications of all three. I hope that this isn't a 
taste of what the Internet will be like in the future....


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