[Esa-l]Hybris and oemcomputer

David Collantes david at netbros.com
Thu Jul 12 18:08:32 PDT 2001

> On 2001-07-12 at 17:50 -0700, Paul Thomas wrote:
> > My question is, is 'oemcomputer' computer associated with Hybris
> > or is there some other explanation for it.
> "oemcomputer" seems to be the default hostname chosen by something in
> Windows, perhaps Outlook, when you get Windows pre-installed on a system
> and don't take steps to change it.
> It's simply Microsoft doing what they can to destroy Message-Id's
> usefulness, for reasons known only unto them.

I do not think so. OEMCOMPUTER is the name of the PC given by OEM resellers
as the default. It is not Microsoft, it is the reseller who does it
(Microsoft does not install OS on resellers computers). It can be changed on
the Network properties. I do not think it is related to Hybris at all.



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