[Esa-l] How not to DEFANG 'clean' attachments?

Juan Manuel Calvo jmc at cema.edu.ar
Fri Feb 16 13:08:35 PST 2001


I don't understand, in msg 
I see:

> It is possible mangle Word/Excel/PPoint filenames only 
> when it is detected a hazardous macro code?

No, because scanning the document for macros occurs after the MIME
header has been completely processed.

Reading the code I see (pseudocode)

if ($score  > $poison_score) {
   print warning;

Only a warning is given, filename is not poisoned. 

"John D. Hardin" wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, Michael Kelly wrote:
> > Is it possible to configure the sanitizer to not DEFANG the
> > attachment filename when the score is 0?
> You're speaking of Office documents?
> The scanning and poisoning of scanned documents is independent of
> whether the document attachment appears in the MANGLE list. If you
> omit the extension (e.g. "doc") from the MANGLE list, it will still be
> scanned and will be poisoned if the scanner score exceeds the limit     
> you've set. Read the configuration page where it talks about not
> mangling office documents for locally-originating mail.
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