[Esa-l] AnnaKournikova worm

rcooper rcooper at jamesconeyisland.com
Wed Feb 14 07:34:20 PST 2001

Well we have survived the AnnaKournilova worm, but unfortunately this worm is 
directly responsible for our fax machine blowing up.  Apparently numerous 
employees at our company is in our Attorney's address book.  Apparently the 
law firm got hit pretty hard.  Funny thing is, instead it being emailed to 
the recepients they were faxed.  Got a pile of about 250 pages where the worm 
itself was faxed to numerous people at our office.  The fax machine just 
couldnt handle it and blew up.  Being we thought this was quite funny, I 
wanted to share it with the list.   John, we need a sanitizer for fax 
machines now :-)



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