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Dan Riley dsr at mail.lns.cornell.edu
Tue Feb 13 08:04:16 PST 2001

On Tuesday, February 13, 2001 03:28:27 PM +0000 "Bjarni R. Einarsson"
<bre at klaki.net> wrote:
> I just realized something funny though.  Worms like Hybris are big
> and complex enough to get infected themselves by other simpler
> viruses...

One of our users has been getting email messages with contents like:

: Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="==i3.9.0oisdboibsd((kncd"
: --==i3.9.0oisdboibsd((kncd
: Content-Type: application/octet-stream;
name="FUCKING_WITH_DOGS.SCRX-Spanska: Yes"
:r-Encoding: base64
:Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="FUCKING_WITH_DOGS.SCR"

which I've been interpreting as one virus stepping on the payload of
the other, but I haven't really looked into it.
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