[Esa-l] Base64 encoded pages

Andre Kajita - Administrador da Rede admin at camarasjc.sp.gov.br
Wed Feb 7 02:57:01 PST 2001

Greets lists,

I just received an HTML email that started loading JPGs and GIFs from
another site even though I have the sanitizer running to mangle HTML
code so I thought that the sanitizer was broken but after checking the
full headers and the procmail log I saw that everything was working
fine.  I then proceded to open the 'source' of the message to see what
went wrong...

Then I nearly fell off my chair, the damn spammer encoded the page and
my Netscape Mailer (4.7 though I also use Mozilla) decoded and parsed
the HTML.

I posted the message to:

The decoded mime section is at:

I don't know if anyone else has had this problem - if it really is a
problem - but this is a first for me.  Is there any way to stop this
type of trash from coming in (and tracking with webbugs or Javascript

Andre Kajita - Administrador da Rede <admin at camarasjc.sp.gov.br>
Camara Municipal de Sao Jose dos Campos - SP

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