[Esd-l] What Worm Is This?

Brett Glass brett at lariat.org
Tue Dec 25 12:11:01 PST 2001

What Worm Is This?
by Brett Glass

(To the tune of "What Child is This?" 
AKA "Greensleeves")

What worm is this, so vile and mean,
That into my laptop came creeping?
When it should greet with music sweet
It's making an awful bleeping.

This, this, the Christmas pox
Deleted my data and crashed my box
Haste, haste to dispatch the man
Who authored this awful virus

Did it come from some foreign spy?
Or is it from the FBI?
My passwords, secrets, and credit cards
Are surely not safe this Christmas

Antivirus makers squeak,
"We'll be able to catch it sometime next week!"
They're hoping their sales will peak
Due to damage from this Christmas virus.

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