[Esd-l] Weird behavior on some attachments

Bjarni R. Einarsson bre at klaki.net
Thu Dec 20 20:14:00 PST 2001

On 2001-12-20, 10:13:12 (-0500), Mark Wendt wrote:
>          I'm hoping there's a hack I can use to treat the UUE and MIME 
> attachments from Outlook the same as an attachment from Eudora.

Not really.  Outlook doesn't follow always follow standards, it
depends how it's configured and it's easy to get that wrong.  I'd
wager that your problem is related to Microsoft's habit of TNEF
encoding Outlook-to-Outlook communications.

My code (http://mailtools.anomy.net/) does somewhat better than
John's in this respect (it can recognize and virusscan/defang/drop
uuencoded attachments), but neither of us have published code which
can sanitize the contents of the TNEF encoded message parts
themselves (a proprietary MS alternative to MIME).  I'm working on
it, though.


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