[Esa-l] blocking a specific user

Mark_Saunders Mark_Saunders at piucorp.com
Thu Aug 23 09:49:40 PDT 2001

Why not build a separate procmail file for excluded users, and use INCLUDERC
to call it BEFORE running html-trap.procmail.

Also, you may want to check out the  spam blocking feature in Sendmail
(if you're using Sendmail).

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The last few days an outside user who was infected with Sircam has been
repeatedly sending one of my users hundreds of  infected sircam attachments.
We've blocked everyone of the attachments using the html-trap filter, so I'm
not worried about getting infected, but my user is getting annoyed with all
the alert messages coming from the postmaster.

99% of the time, the notification messages are a good thing so I don't want
turn them off, but it's getting to be rediculous for this one user.

How can I block messages from this certain individual before the procmail
filter kicks in??

What I normally do for blocking email from specific people  is something
* ^From.*whoever at whatever.com

In each individual's .procmailrc file, but the alert messages are coming
the postmaster, and don't want to block all of the postmaster messages.

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