[Esa-l] Anyone have a comprehensive webmail URI list?

Egan egan at sevenkings.net
Thu Aug 23 08:38:49 PDT 2001

On Thu, 23 Aug 2001 11:35:08 -0400 (EDT), herrold
<herrold at owlriver.com> wrote:

>> Here you go, over 1,400 sites:  http://www.fepg.net
>> I need convert their web list into a text file, for later import into
>> a MySQL database.  But with over 1,400, that will take some effort.
>Cannot a shell script wrapper, and some loop logic, and  lynx -dump
>automate this?  I do it elsewhere ...

That's easy for you to say ...

I would not object to receiving your code for one of the sites where
you do it ...



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