[Esa-l] Anyone have a comprehensive webmail URI list?

Egan egan at sevenkings.net
Thu Aug 23 06:47:31 PDT 2001

On Thu, 23 Aug 2001 13:05:03 +0100, "Murray Crane"
<mcrane at longbridge.com> wrote:

>I need a comprehensive list of webmail sites.

I need a similar list; but all free email providers, web or otherwise.

>Anyone have such a resource

Here you go, over 1,400 sites:  http://www.fepg.net

I need convert their web list into a text file, for later import into
a MySQL database.  But with over 1,400, that will take some effort.

They have alphabetized sections, so if you want to help, we can split
the work up.  Two people doing 50 per day each, would take about two


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