[Esa-l] RE: [Esa-l]outgoing mail

Colin J. Raven cjraven at ddf-lab.com
Sat Aug 18 04:57:32 PDT 2001

Apologies to all if this has been resolved (or definitively answered) but my
personal machine was down for 4 days and I haven't had a chance to catch up
on traffic.

We got sircammed to death around here, but everything got stopped at the
server. That is until someone connected to hotmail from inside the LAN and
downloaded a sircam...next thing you know my mailq is two thousand screens
in length and everyone's AV software is yelling that it has detected a

OK..so obviously what I need to discover is whether or not outgoing mail
_can_ be piped through a procmail/sanitizer recipe.

During this incident I deleted mailq after mailq, but I'm certain that
*some* sircam loaded mail did escape but regardless...I'd like to be able to
state with certainty at some point that we can bang on outgoing mail with
the same effectiveness and granularity that incoming mail is subjected to.

Can anyone tell me if there *was* a "final answer" and perhaps point me in
the direction of whatever it was (if it exists of course)

Regards to all,
Colin J. Raven

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