[Esa-l] Outgoing Mail

Lee Howard faxguy at deanox.com
Tue Aug 14 09:08:30 PDT 2001

At 01:17 AM 8/14/01 -0700, Hisashi T Fujinaka wrote:

>Many of the users are called "road warriors" who carry laptops home or,
>more usually, or on their many business trips. All a user has to do is to
>plug the laptop into a network that isn't quite filtered to get hit by a
>virus like Code Red. And so it happened. This chip manufacturer had to
>shut down all their web access, and for a time all their internet access,
>because they were hit by Code Red.

Code Red doesn't propagate by e-mail, and patches were available to protect
against Code Red long before Code Red existed.  If you're looking for a
virus to meet your example, try Anna Kornikova, there's a virus that
propagates by e-mail which hit before anyone knew about it.  Our incoming
mail filters saved the day there.

I can't think of an instance, however, where an outgoing mail filter would
have helped us at all.  That's my point.


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