[Esa-l] Outgoing Mail

Christian Parigger cparigge at utsi.edu
Tue Aug 14 14:13:05 PDT 2001


I followed the "volleyball-match" on wheter or not to filter outgoing mail.

I have installed the sample filter for sendmail12.0beta16 following the
included in the latest sendmail 12.0beta; and I have installed  MIMEDefang
 http://www.roaringpenguin.com/mimedefang/ and all seems to work on a single
RH7.1 test machine for in/out. I am looking for comments before putting this
mimedefang in production. (one user brought 'home' a laptop with SirCam, and
infamous shared drives were in use... I do not need to say more.)

I am looking for comments regarding the possible use of the famous and
procmail-scripts to adapt for outgoing mail. Keeping it simple would mean
one for both incoming and outgoing ?

Christian Parigger

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