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Have you read the exploits of the BOFH, posted on www.theregister.co.uk?


At 09:41 AM 8/14/01 -0500, Michael Geier, CDM Systems Admin wrote:
>yes, I can see it now...
>now part of the curriculum for BS in Business Administration, Remedial
>Internet 101
>         Remedial Internet 101
>         "Basic steps to using the internet, including:
>                 Netiquette, or "removing your CAPS-LOCK key in 3 easy steps"
>                 Email Theory, or "no, UCE is not an educational institution"
>                 Web Design Theory, or "why your designer is saying NO! to 
> the <blink> tag"
>                 Web Server Theory, or "why Apache IS better than IIS"
>                 Fluid Dynamics, or "buying rounds for your Sysadmin so he 
> doesn't expose
>your p0rn collection"
>         3 credit hrs."
>Michael Geier
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>On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Lee Howard wrote:
> >
> > Innocent bystanders must protect themselves. Nobody can be on the
> > internet while allowing themselves to follow insecure practices
> > (knowingly or not) and be considered innocent. There is an
> > implicit "internet driver's license" of sorts.
>Unfortunately that's the hugest part of the problem. Microsoft has
>made it trivially easy to connect to the Internet if you're ignorant,
>and by definition someone who's ignorant is *not aware* of these
>Why else were so many thousands of home-user IIS servers infected by
>Code Red? The "admin" was not even aware that a web server had been
>installed, or that security advisory services had announced a remote
>root exploit, or that a patch was available, or even in many cases
>that the worm existed and had already infected them and was attacking
>Why else does SirCam continue to spread? People continue to
>double-click on attachments, even though "DON'T OPEN UNEXPECTED
>ATTACHMENTS!" is being shouted from the rooftops.
>Why else do people getting twenty or fifty or a hundred bounces from
>sanitized servers rejecting their SirCam attacks send me mail asking
>what is going on and please stop sending them all these annoying
>(Note please that I do distinguish between "ignorant" and "stupid.")
>I respectfully suggest you give up that world view. Rosy as it is,
>it's woefully unrealistic.
>Further, part of your responsibility as an administrator is to do your
>best to ensure your systems don't attack others' systems. This means
>things like egress filters, blocking outbound traffic to certain
>services like NetBIOS, RPC and NFS, and scanning for viruses in sent
>(Random closing thought: integrating Passport into XP might well make
>it possible to *enforce* an Internet Driver's License: "Warning: your
>computer has been infected with SirCam fifteen times this month.
>Microsoft Passport will not allow you to log onto the Internet until
>you have attended a Remedial Safe Internet Practices course and
>obtained a password indicating you've passed the minimum
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