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>Any desktop system with any internet connectivity should be running and
>updating antivirus software.  True, that doesn't give us 100% certainty
>against being infected because we may get infected via downloads or
>(for example) before the signature is added to the definitions, but it's
>pretty darn close.

Well, I have about 1000 users at 24 locations in 14 or 15
states. It's a bit difficult to **guarantee** that all have
up to date virus definitions.

>Filtering incoming mail is a whole different issue, yet there's still a
>small degree of insecurity, because an attachment may arrive, not being
>poisoned, the recipient may defang it and may still get infected.

>I seem to get the impression that people believe this degree of 
>to be less than the insecurity posed by very new viruses in webmail or
>wherever.  Filtering outgoing mail is not so much wrong as it is 
>wastefully guarding users against their own stupidity.


Well, all I can say is you must have much better control over
your users than I do. I'm not concerned about protecting stupid
users from themselves, I'm concerned about protecting innocent
bystanders from the stupid user.

If all my users were smart, they'd be running Linux and I wouldn't
have to run this piece of sh*t O/S on my computer.....

God, if I could only purge the M$ virus from all my companies PC's,
life would be good.
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