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>I'm probably not helping anything by saying this, but I don't really
>understand the value of scanning outgoing mail.  If we assume that our
>users are clean, then what is the value of scanning outgoing mail?

Why in the world would you ever assume that your users are clean?
As long as you let out pop3 and let people use http (webmail) you
have no reason to believe that they are clean. And if one of your
users gets SirCam and slams your biggest customer, it really doesn't
matter that you stopped them from sending it on to your other lusers.

>And if we cannot assume that our users are clean, then wouldn't it be
>better to nip the problem in the bud rather than somewhere downstream?

Good idea. How?

>I understand the purpose in scanning outgoing mail, but I don't
>understand the value of it.  We scan incoming mail in an effort to
>ensure that we are
>clean.  If we cannot ensure that we are clean ourselves, then why
>bother scanning incoming mail, even?

To reduce the collateral damage :-) 90% of my users don't have
webmail or other pop3 accounts, so 90% really do get to be clean.
Also if Joe Bob has all my other users in his outlook express
address book, I stop him from slamming all the others.


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