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Karl.Dunn at vmic.com Karl.Dunn at vmic.com
Mon Aug 13 12:30:18 PDT 2001

Progress, but not ready yet.

I have set up four PCs to do testing of a "generic" outgoing filter host,
derived from what I installed here at VMIC.  Two of the PCs are my own
property, and VMIC generously loaned me the other two, as long as I don't
break them or keep them for too long ;-)  You should wait to thank me
until it all works, but you can thank VMIC right now.

I have the "constellation" nearly working.  The intent is to provide a
setup for sendmail and John Hardin's procmail filter for outgoing mail,
and still provide incoming filtering pretty much the way everybody else
provides incoming filtering.

The four hosts I have are used like this:

  1. Simulates the Internet's root DNS, and provides an "outside" host.
  2. Gateway (router, DNS, incoming mail filtering, mail forwarding hub).
  3. Outgoing filter hub.
  4. "Inside" client.

No. 2 really should be a firewall for a real installation (it is at VMIC),
and it might be more than one host (it is four at VMIC), but that's a
whole different story, so for this test it's just a router.

I am about ready to test and refine the generic outgoing case.  It's
filtering, but the sendmail configuration is 'way too loose, so I want to
fix that up.  The sendmail configuration is what this effort is all about;
John's filter works the same as for incoming.

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On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Eric Brosius wrote:

> Hello all.  I've just installed the "sanitizer" last week, and I love it!!
> It's great.  I've let John know that too.  I wanted to see how everyone is
> handling outgoing mail since the sanitizer doesn't "scan" it.  The only
> thing we've thought about so far, was implementation a second email server,
> and forward all our mail from our primary mail server out thought the 2nd
> email server, so that the sanitizer would catch it.  But I'd like to see on
> how the effort is coming on scanning out going emails.  And information will
> be helpful!!  Thanks and have a nice day.
> Eric D. Brosius
> Technical Assistant
> Technical Services
> Orange County Community College
> 845-341-4689
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