[Esa-l]Re: Sircam virus filter

Juan Manuel Calvo jmc at cema.edu.ar
Thu Aug 2 05:19:06 PDT 2001

> On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Juan Manuel Calvo wrote:
> > I have found a very simple solution to the Sircam problem. Your
> > procmail sanitizer allows defang the attachment but the users
> > receives the email.
> Not if you poison *.bat *.pif *.lnk and *.com - is there really any
> reason to be accepting these sort of attachments from random people
> out on the Internet?

I'm poisonig all executable extensions but Sircam fills the user
some of my users get over a hundred infected messages overnight,
mailbox strikes the quota and loose or delay more important messages.

> > I have added the following lines in my /etc/procmailrc BEFORE
> > the sanitizer:
> >
> That's a signature-based defense. What if SirCam mutates a little?

Your sanitizer will poison the attachment, my users will have to clean 
your mailboxes and loose some messages, and I'll have to change de
not a real danger.

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