[Esa-l]logging options

Klaus Steden klaus at compt.com
Wed Aug 1 01:07:58 PDT 2001


Having just gotten the sanitizer rulesets working, I want to tweak things a
bit ... :>

Is there any way to preserve EUID such that output can be written to a common
log file (i.e. /var/log/procmail) without having to open it up to be globally
writable? The idea of a globally writable log file is making me a little
nervous - since that means anyone can stuff whatever they want into it, fill
disks, etc..

I'm not crazy about the idea of having each user keep a procmail.log file
since that's a lot of files to rotate and trim; if at all possible, I'd like
to keep logging to the one central log file, mode 644 or mode 66[4|0] with a
group ownership of 'mail'.

What are my options?


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