[Esa-l] New worm?

Gerard MANNIG mannig at worldnet.fr
Thu Apr 26 08:41:00 PDT 2001

A 12:05 25/04/01 -0600, Brett Glass icrit:
>I just received an odd message that emanated from a dial-up
>account in Russia. The headers looked like this:
>Anyone know what this is? The MIME boundary fits the pattern for
>Hybris, and the string HYBRIS appears early in the binary, so
>I'm assuming that this is a Hybris variant. But John's sanitizer didn't
>quarantine the message. Fortunately, most of our users aren't foolish
>enough to open up an attachment that doesn't even say who it's from....


Any sample can be forwarded to me for an in-depth analysis in case of need.
Anwyay, sounds very familiar with Hybris plague...

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