[Esa-l] Logging for Suspicious Sysadmins

Seth Cohn seth at oregonmed.net
Tue Sep 19 16:37:13 PDT 2000

At 07:24 AM 09/20/2000 +0800, Jason D. Jordan wrote:
>Could you please add a feature something like this:
>A log file is generated listing sender, receiver, attachment name, status
>and size ie:

You already have most of that in the existing log.

Sender, receiver, status and scanned attachments.  Basically, you want to
know all attachments, and size.  Sounds like an easy patch.

>Sender               Recipient                Attachment Name
>Status   Size
>fred.nurk at loser.com  jo.svenson at mydomain.com  gold.mpg
>Blocked  2145234
>wookie at hotmail.com   Rupert.Bear at mydomain.com porn_rename_to_mpg.doc
>Defanged 5673213
>pirate at innocent.com  John.Doe at mydomain.com    self_extracting_zip.exe
>Allowed  10247654
>Each day this can be sent to the postmaster and maybe rotated out...

It really isn't the responsibility of the scanner to do that.
You should use cron, logrotate or other programs to do that...

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