[Esa-l] Sanitizer and imap

David Patterson dpatters at hirs.brooks.af.mil
Fri Oct 27 06:37:12 PDT 2000

I am getting ready to setup a new mail server using sendmail and imap.	I am
wondering how to incorporate the sanitizer to deliver to imap mailboxes.   I
think I have what I need, but I would like to confirm.	Im using information

Any thoughts/help on this would be appreciated.

Thank you,

p.s. if you reply to me and not to the list, could you cc
daz at undertaker.homeip.net (my home email)

(I just sent a subscribe to the list with that address.  Not sure how long it
will take to process, though)

David Patterson
Unix/Linux Administrator
Health Information Resources Service (HIRS)
2510 Kennedy Circle Ste. 208
Brooks AFB TX 78235-5121

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