[Esa-l] Email Sanitizer hanging

Dan Bongert dbongert at ssc.wisc.edu
Wed Oct 25 08:54:16 PDT 2000

I have the sanitizer running well under FreeBSD 4.0-RELEASE, and it's doing
everything as advertised (except mangling HTML and Word filenames--my users
complained). The only problem I have with it is that every so often, perl runs
away and takes up as much CPU time as possible. This also happened with an
unmodified script, and I don't see how my changes might have caused any problem:


Is my only change from the stock script.

Any one using the sanitizer under FreeBSD?

Dan Bongert                     dbongert at ssc.wisc.edu
SSCC Unix System Administrator  (608) 262-9857

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