[Esa-l] Help on sanitizer

Ron Cooper rcooper at crstexas.com
Sat Oct 7 18:27:22 PDT 2000

On Sat, 07 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> On Sat, 7 Oct 2000, John D. Hardin wrote:
> >    :0
> >
> >    * ! ^From:.*<the.account.to.bypass at crstexas.com>
> >    {
> >        INCLUDERC=/etc/procmail/html-trap.procmail
> >    }
> Oops.
> That should, of course, be:
>   * ! ^To:.*<the.account.to.bypass at crstexas.com>
> Sorry.

Whoo.   When I first saw the From: I was thinking.  This is too hard. I give 
up :)  It didnt make sense.

So heres what I ended up with:

* !^To:.*reports at domain.com
* !^From:.*reports at domain.com

Now.  There is a reason for inclusion of the From.
the special account also has a  .procmailrc which forwards to certain managers
on the same email server.  When I forwarded  it without both conditions, the 
sanitizer would still envoke.  I suppose my recipie in the special account on 
how I forwarded the file was  incorrect.  Hey Im still learning.

I used this for user reports .procmailrc file:

* ^To:.*reports at domain.com
! rcooper at domain.com             

I realize I'm being really naive here on how this stuff works.  It seems to 
do as intended but I cant help but feel there is a more KISS method than then 
one I used.

BUT, I thank everyone for responding.  The feedback was very helpful.
If anyone wishes to enlighten me on the proper way of doing this ,
feel free to flame my method, just show me the proper way :)


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