[Esa-l] Help on sanitizer

Ron Cooper rcooper at crstexas.com
Sat Oct 7 08:37:21 PDT 2000

Been using the sanitizer for a number of months without any real issue.
However being new to procmail and all, I'm still learning.

My problem is I have a specific email account which I do NOT want
the procmail sanitizer to process.  Emails going to this account  are from
scripts which produce html output and email them to this account.
Of course procmail sanitizer is messing with these emails.  I've been 
playing around with procmailrc by adding recipies to /etc/procmailrc. but I 
am having great difficulty for some reason.

Could someone please give some advice on how to do this.  Should I be 
putting recipies into /etc/procmailrc or into ~/.procmailrc for that 
particular user?  I assume that /etc/procmailrc is processed BEFORE the one 
in the  home directory for the mail account in question.

I thought this would be simple upon reading the docs for recipies but no
matter what I do the procmail sanitizer mangles or defangs mail for this 
particular account.



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