[Esa-l] Re: Idea: Multiple extension detector

Brett Glass brett at lariat.org
Mon Jun 12 14:21:31 PDT 2000

At 01:13 PM 6/12/2000, John D. Hardin wrote:

>The syntax of the poisoned-files list is a hybrid of standard regular
>expressions and standard file globbing - I wanted it to look more like
>extended file globbing than regular expressions, and entries get
>interpreted a little before the comparison. Periods may be bare, they
>will be escaped for the filename comparison RE; * and ? will be
>converted to .* and .? for the RE.

Is anything else pre-escaped, or just periods?

>After a bit of thought, a better version of the above is:
>   *.[a-z0-9]+.[a-z0-9]+
>Since the poisoning is only done on executable extensions, this will
>catch (for example) "fnord.txt.com" (assuming you don't already poison

I assume, since you're using only lowercase letters, that the filename
is downcased before comparison. Correct?

In any event, what we REALLY want to say in our pattern is


(which is ALMOST what we're saying already, but not quite).


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